The terraced location against a southern slope offers both shelter and a wonderful, unobstructed panoramic view. The rural, car-free pitches are extremely suitable for families with small kids.

If you come camping or want to make a reservation, you will have the choice between two types of camping pitches. Below is described what a basic pitch means and what exactly is meant by "comfort" pitch.

If you camp with a camper, you cannot make a reservation in advance. Campers are most welcome; however only without reservation. Not all camping pitches are suitable for campers.

Comfort pitches

The comfort pitches, or rather the luxury pitches, are equipped with 10 amps of electricity and have their own water tap and drainage. These pitches are on average 110-130m2 in size. Some even slightly larger (numbers 95 to 100 and 234, 235, 236). Most of these luxurious pitches are located on the south slope and have, in addition to the beautiful and wide view, sun all day long. The car is next to your camping equipment. Each pitch also has its own connection for digital TV. Of course you also have free WIFI on the comfort pitch.

Pitches 169 to 206 are located along the edge of the forest and therefore have a little more shelter. The places on the 2nd and 3rd plateau and on the terrace area of the camping site are the fastest fully booked, partly due to the beautiful unobstructed view over the “Dutch Mountains”. For those with limited mobility, we also have some beautiful luxury pitches on the flat terrain below.

Basic pitches

The basic pitches are located on the car-free fields on the so-called ground floor (numbers 9 to 50). These fields are ideal for campers who enjoy socializing. You camp on 1 field with 8 families; small children can be closely monitored. The fields are demarcated with beautiful playful hedges and the car can be parked opposite your field on the spacious parking strip.

You can freely play, barbequed and chat, even a game of badminton, jeu de boules or a quiet ball shooting is possible. And the neighbors? They can enjoy quietly and undisturbed ... On the fields there are small fruit trees here and there that provide a little shade in the hottest days.

The basic pitches on the first plateau overlook these beautiful fields and can just chat with the neighbors below. These pitches are very spacious, nice and sunny and quiet. The basic pitches on the so-called "upper area" are not suitable for tents. This piece of terrain is sloping (read: not level), but the view from this piece of camping site is magnificent. These places are therefore very popular with those campers who come especially for "the Dutch Mountains".

The basic pitches are on average 90-110m2 in size and equipped with 6 amps of electricity and free WIFI. A water tap is within walking distance.

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